Duolingo is a language learning app used to study programs that professionals and respectable media highly regard. Users may have access to engaging lessons written in the languages accepted by the program. Furthermore, learning a new language becomes entirely successful when there are many learning techniques, exercises, and forms of skill practice.

As a result, this program is ideal for a wide range of users. But there has always been a variety of things missing from this application, such as its cost and the ad interruption that one faces while honing their language skills. So we present the Duolingo mod APK, which is free to download and provides the same features as the official app but with more features, such as the premium unlocked.

Moreover, experience all the extra benefits that premium members pay to use, all while getting points easily to stay at the top of the daily top users with getting unlimited hearts and unlimited gems.

Duolingo Mod APK

Official: DuolingoMod.app

duolingo mod apk
App NameDoulingo
VersionDuolingo Mod APK V5.105.3
Last Update8.03.2023
Size38 MB
MOD PerksPremium unlocked, Easy extra points, Unlimited hearts, Unlimited gems, Unlimited XP, and Offline English Learning
Developed ByDuolingo Inc.

Duolingo MOD apk is used as an assistance for learning any language in a fantastic new method. Touch on the symbol for the class you want to find, and the start and hints will display. Clicking on advice will include recommendations for improving your vocabulary, pronunciation, or grammar. Before completing the entertaining tests in this app, you may review what you’ve learned or start with a new lesson. It functions the same way the official Duolingo app functions, but with more and better functions; we will brief you about all the features our modified version provides.

Here’s what you get with Duolingo Premium APK.

Premium Unlocked

It’s the only variation of the Duolingo program that gives practically all of the premium features for free and has all grades and courses unlocked.

Offline Mode

Duolingo – the future of education enables you to download educational materials and minigames to assist you when you lose internet access.

No Ads

Unlike the free version, the modified Duolingo saves you from creepy, annoying ads and offers you a hassle-free experience.


Unlock all these boosters in Duolingo APK for an endless amount of time.

You may utilize all the power-ups offered in the Duolingo app, including Streaks Freeze, double Nothing, Scholar, and Sage.

All Courses FREE

The MOD app for Duolingo offers courses in over 30 foreign languages, including English Grammar, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Dutch.

It gives you access to every language, and you can easily pick up the majority of languages while still speaking your original tongue.

Unlimited XP

Get unlimited XP and earn extra points really easily. You can always chart high in the daily or weekly list and compete high with fellow users!

You will enjoy using 100+ different language skills with this app. You get Super Duolingo, popularly known as Duolingo Plus, for absolutely free. How this information is communicated is incredibly diverse and, occasionally, downright hilarious. Users may believe they can accomplish a specific objective since the information has become more intriguing, and instead of feeling terrified, they may enjoy studying the language. With activities, you will improve your linguistic abilities. Moreover, exclusively we provide premium unlocked, Easy extra points, Unlimited hearts, Unlimited gems, and unlimited XP and Offline Learning!

So How to Download & Install Duolingo Mod APK?

After knowing all the perks of this MOD apk we provide, hopefully, this has impressed you enough to get it for yourself and try it out. Here’s how you can get the app for yourself and enjoy all the perks it provides: 

Download & Install Duolingo Premium Apk

Follow the steps below to install the Duolingo apk on your Android:

Stable internet source: Before you start the process, make sure you are connected to a stable internet source on your Android so that the download process doesn’t get interrupted.

Click on the link: Click on the Duolingo MOD, or click on the download button below. The installation process will start as soon as you give permission to download.

Click on Install: Once you are done downloading the application, now it’s time to grant permission to your device to install the application to your system.

Allow necessary permissions: As Duolingo Mod is a third-party application, you would need to give permission to your device to install this application from an unknown source, you can enable this on your phone settings and you would be good to go.

Duolingo Mod for PC

Follow the steps below to install Duolingo apk on your PC:

  • Download an android emulator and make sure to download the latest version of the emulator for the best results. The emulators we recommend would be Bluestacks due to their performance. 
  • Install and run the emulator on your PC and make sure it works properly because, without it, you won’t be able to use the Duolingo MOD apk.
  • Now, open chrome and download the apk file from here.
  • Install the application and run it on your device by dragging the app from downloads and dropping it in the emulator. 
  • Open the application on the emulator, and hoorah!

Installed BUT How to Use the Modified Duolingo?

After you are done installing the Duolingo apk, use the MOD app the same way you would use the official Duolingo application. The Duolingo MOD apk is just like the original Duolingo app with extra perks and features.

Here’s a list of the perks and extra features that one can get and enjoy using this app:

  • Duolingo apk unlocks all the assets that the app provides for free. You don’t need to pay for anything while using this app.
  • It is offline; you can do the lessons and practice your desired language offline.
  • You can get unlimited hearts and gems, so you never have to stop using the application even after losing all your lives, and it is available for an infinite period.
  • Boost your XP to your desired limit; you can always go beyond.
  • Avoid all the advertisements you would normally find in the free official version of Duolingo.
  • Freeze your streak for as long as you want to, and never lose your daily streak again.


Here are some glimpses of the modified Duolingo Premium apk:

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Duolingo Mod?

Duolingo MOD apk is a third-party modded application that can be used instead of the official version of the Duolingo app. It is very similar to the official app but with extra features such as unlocked premium and unlimited hearts, and unlimited gems. Please read the above-written pieces of information to know more about what the application offers.

How to download Duolingo MOD apk on Android?

Downloading Duolingo MOD apk on android has never been easier than this! All you need to do is, go to the official link we have provided and follow the steps we have mentioned above in this article to successfully download the application easily.

Duolingo’s modified version is everything that a regular Duolingo user wishes the official to be. It is an amazing platform that one can use for several reasons. Please note that this is for educational purposes only, and we do NOT promote the use of this application to our viewers, nor do we support the usage of MOD applications, so it’s entirely up to individual choice whether or not one would like to use this application. 

That’s All, Folks!

Duolingo mod apk is everything a regular Duolingo user wishes the official to be. It is a fantastic platform that one can use for several reasons. Please note that this is for educational purposes only, and we do NOT promote the use of this application to our viewers, nor do we support the usage of MOD applications, so it’s entirely up to individual choice whether or not one would like to use this application.